Halo Pistol Replica

  • $ 115.00

1:1 scale 3D printed, fully assembled, and hand painted 10" long Halo pistol replica. Typically MADE TO ORDER. Estimated wait time for printing is about 2-3 weeks. Lightweight, and made with biodegradable PLA. Smoothest printed replica you will find. Magazine is removable. Slide is functional and spring loaded!

All our pistols will now come with the correctly engraved "M6D" (previously labeled as M6C).

You can choose to purchase the weathered finish or the clean finish. Add-ons include an optional carbon fiber pistol grip.

Note: The carbon fiber composite material features include stiffness, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and an attractive matte black appearance. This exact filament is also used for the RC Industry, Drones, Aerospace, Automotive, Prototyping, as well as real firearm accessories and parts. It really makes this pistol stand out, and we highly recommend it!