Destiny Hawkmoon Replica

  • $ 225.00

3D printed, fully assembled, and painted Hawkmoon replica. Typically MADE TO ORDER. Estimated wait time for printing is currently about 2-3 weeks. Full scale, lightweight, and made with biodegradable PLA. Excellent accessory for cosplay, that won't weigh you down. Smoothest printed replica you will find. Filler used to join separately printed parts and sanded. No ugly lines where parts were joined. Chamber is functional. Cartridge (bullet) included. HAND Painted as pictured, or we can also take custom requests.
For those interested in doing all the work themselves, you can now purchase the DIY kit for just $99.
The kit will come with all pieces necessary to assemble a full gun besides paint and filler. Please be advised, you will need to know how to fill, sand, prime, and paint if you are looking for a finished product like our photos. The pieces generally fit together well, but they may need to be "filled" where pieces join together, for a completely smooth finish. Send us a quick email and we will reply with a custom invoice for the DIY kit.