About Us

Let's get to it! We are a small home grown 3D printing service. Nerds. Gamers. Movie Fans. We are all of the above. Our specialties and interests include 3D printed props, replicas, cosplay accessories, and other custom products. We are huge advocates for quality over quantity. This means nearly all of our items are made to order, generally with at least a 7-day turn around time. See product's page for specific processing times (it varies). Our inventory is growing everyday, so be sure to check back with us often to keep up with what's new.
Have something particular in mind that we currently do not carry? We'd love to hear your idea. Shoot us an email and it will certainly be considered!
We started selling products on eBay and have maintained 100% feedback from customers. Go ahead, check us out there!
Just a quick disclaimer: We are selling our services to 3D print, assemble, paint, and any other labor that is involved in the creation of our fan inspired, unofficial products. Our costs reflect time, material, and assembly only, and we do not profit from the item's design in any way. We are our own business and are not in any way affiliated or associated with any other companies that may have officially licensed products or content. Phewww. Okay. So without further ado...Proceed to our store enjoy our fan inspired items!