Fortnite Burger and Tomato Keychains

  • $ 25.00

No golf cart? No problem! These can be used to hang from your vehicle's rear view mirror, a backpack, or can be set flat on a desk or countertop. The black strap will be included with each item and is removable. 
The Durr Burger measures roughly 3 x 3 inches
The Tomato Head measure about 3 x 2.5
Made to Order - Please allow 1-2 weeks for the production and painting of the item! Each Keychain is made from durable PLA (plastic) material and hand painted exactly as pictured. We can offer these keychains unpainted at a discounted rate. Please contact us if you're interested!
**We do not recommend leaving these in a hot vehicle. They are made with a hard, durable plastic, but as with most things, can melt or alter in extremely hot temperatures. Thank you for understanding!**


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